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These are quality built cooler stereos that take your adventures to the next level!

Use our cooler stereos for lots of things: Camping, Floating the River, NASCAR Races, Lake, Sand Dunes, Motocross Races, Dirt Track Races, the Beach, or virtually anywhere you want some music and a cooler!

These things are loud, and they are virtually weatherproof while still holding all of your stuff! 

We offer options to Upgrade your cooler. With every cooler, you get quality audio components built to withstand the environment. 

Why Choose Kramer Koolers?


Simple. Our coolers are built out of quality components, and are thoroughly tested before shipping. We stand behind the products we make, and will take care of you if something happens. Our coolers come with very nice battery chargers and maintenance free batteries that will last 8-10 hours on a SINGLE charge (depending on conditions), and can be upgraded to twice the amp hours for a longer lasting play time! Shipping is included in our cost so you know exactly how much the cooler will cost you. No guessing how much you will have to spend extra. They come with everything you need to use them. We have spent countless hours building our coolers to the best extent possible and take pride in building them. Use these coolers literally in any weather condition and for any occassion!

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